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Software – Software Usage

When we have Software Metering Rules created and functioning in the environment, Callisto will render software metering data to show where applications are in use and where potential license savings can be made with underused applications.

The top-level metered software usage page provides a period filter for this month to 12 months. Each row is clickable for analysis of the individual metering rule dataset. For example, clicking row 6 above - Google Chrome:

The chart on this page shows the three states an application can be in for a metered condition. There is one machine which has never run the application. There are three machines which have not run the program in the one month window I have selected and a further nine machines have run Chrome in this period. The reporting period can be extended using the "Period" selector to compare the results over different lengths of time. The datatable below the chart lists each machine with the application installed and its state, this can be filtered, for example to only show those which have never run the software. As with all datatables in Callisto the results can be exported.

The second datatable to the right shows the relevant user for the application. As with the computer devices, the users can be clicked for additional data on application usage as well as device affinities and logon locations.


To generate this data, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Software Metering Client must be enabled in client settings in ConfigMgr.
  • You must have metering rules created
  • Slightly illogically you need the ConfigMgr Software Inventory agent enabled with inventory for either *.exe (not really recommended) or a specific entry for each metering rule executable, for example Visio.exe, Acrord32.exe, Autocad.exe etc. Like this:

This isn't specific to Callisto, some of the in-built SCCM reports for metering also require Software Inventory to be enabled.