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Hardware – Client Computer Hardware Property

This portlet hides a lot of capability. The filter section allows us to change the hardware property being displayed. By default it shows a count of machine memory configurations. Clicking any chart segment displays an exportable list of those devices. Clicking any computername in the displayed list or in the datatable below the chart will open the device modal on the hardware page for more information.


To ensure that a valid GB memory count is reported, Callisto uses the Physical Memory class to count the number of memory modules in a device, then we work out the GB capacity of each slot and total them up. This gives a better view of the actual memory in a machine compared tot he ConfigMgr Memory class, which gives a MB count and so has significant variation. Requires the "Physical Memory (Win32+PhysicalMemory) class to be enabled in hardware inventory.


Selecting the CPU filter will display devices by processor type. This takes the basic data from the Processor (SMS_Processor) hardware inventory class.


Filtering by BIOS will list the BIOS versions. We recommend filtering this further against specific manufacturer collections and/or models as there tends to be significant variation across the vendors around versioning and naming for BIOS releases. This chart is useful for tracking devices with at-risk or out of date firmware.


Introduced in Callisto 1811 the Disk C: Free Space report groups devices by % free space of the system drive. This uses the hardware inventory class Logical Disk (SMS_LogicalDisk) and needs the Free Space (MB) property to be enabled.

Note the popover text that lists the specifics of the capacity and space on the drive. These properties are also included in the export function from the DataTable Actions menu if you need to do further analysis.