Help for Using Callisto

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Callisto Help > Using Callisto > Callisto View Log File Client Actions

Callisto View Log File Client Actions

The Callisto device modal provides two functions to assist on working with client log files.

The Client Logs option

Clicking the Logs button in the device modal opens a menu with three options (N.B. the client must be "online" for the "Collect logs" and "View Live logs" options to be available.

Log options

The bottom "View Live logs options" will copy the client log location to the clipboard, this sames you a few clicks.

The "Collect Logs" function instructs the client to zip up its log files and submit them to the site server. This is a function of the ConfigMgr client which you can read more about here Configuration Manager - Collect Client Logs - Microsoft Tech Community

The "View collected logs" option populates the location of the collected files on the clipboard, so it's easier to find these. Note, the path will only be valid once the collected files have been submitted to the server, so it make take a few minutes.