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Troubleshooting Central Controller Connectivity

With the Callisto Central Controller installed on a server in your environment, Callisto will be able to render all dashboards without additional SQL or user configuration. To function, the Central Controller needs the following:
  • The Callisto Central Controller website hosted in IIS must be running
  • The Callisto Central Controller website must have a valid SSL certificate associated to its HTTPS binding. It will not work over non SSL HTTP.
We can test our connectivity to the Controller using the web browser on the server to first check local access by browsing to https://hostname.fqdn:port/api/command/testconnection for example browsing to this address should generate an authentication error message:
{"errorMessage":"Missing auth headers, you are not logged in"}
This shows that the controller is accessible from the server. We can now browse to this address from our client machine and see if we get the same result. The most likely issues with accessing this address is firewall related, ensure that the firewall port for the service (in this example 444) is open on the Controller server.