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Installing the Callisto Central Controller

The Callisto Central Controller is a lightweight connection broker designed to run on your Configuration Manager Site Server. It is not mandatory to install the Controller on the Configuration Manager server, though we recommend this as it requires the least configuration. Please see this article for details on installing the Central Controller on a different server.


The Callisto Central Controller is hosted in a dedicated website running under IIS. As the Primary Site Server will always have IIS installed this requirement will be automatically met.

The Callisto Central Controller installer will install the IIS CORS Module, this provides support for mixing browser content from the application domain and your on-premise domain. You do not need to do anything except allow the installer to install this prerequisite, but you can read more about it here if you wish IIS CORS Module : The Official Microsoft IIS Site.

The installer also requires Microsoft .NET 6.0.15 Windows Server Hosting bundle and Desktop Runtime 6.0.15 which it will install automatically too. More info on this here Download .NET 6.0 (Linux, macOS, and Windows)

Manually installing the Pre-reqs

If you want to manually install these you can do so from




The installer will ask you to select from a list of certificates installed on the server. Ensure you have a valid SSL certificate for the Controller before running the setup.

You will download the installer from step one of the Welcome page and run it on your ConfigMgr site server.

At first run it detects missing prerequisites and prompts to install them.

Any missing dependencies will be highlighted, and the installer will automatically install these.

If you see this error message referencing any of the dependencies, the installer has been unable to download them and you should install them manually as shown in the section above.

You will need to accept the terms and conditions.

Confirm the installation location.

We need to bind a certificate to the Callisto Central Controller.

The installer will show the certificates already on the server, you will select a certificate which supports an SSL binding for the Controller. You can identify the correct certificate by name or thumbprint. If you need to import or request a new certificate before completing the step, you should cancel the installer, request the certificate in the certificates MMC and then rerun the installer.

Pick the correct certificate and click next.

Finally, we need to choose a port for the Controller to run on. We recommend the default port of 444 but you can use any suitable port. On your site server be sure to avoid port 80 and 443.

Review the summary screen

And install. When the installation has completed it will show the final setup screen confirming installation. You can now return to the welcome experience and fill in step two.