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Default User Roles (Callisto as a Service)

The first time a user logs in to Callisto their account will either be immediately active with default user roles applied, or disabled pending Admin activation. You control this behaviour in the admin node.

Option 1 here allows users to create their own Callisto accounts, this setting is mandatory if AzureAD Authentication is in use.

Option 2 specifies if newly registered accounts are enabled by default. If not users are notified at registration that they need admin approval. The administrator can set their account to "enabled" in the user node to allow login.

Default Roles

New users will receive all roles that are set as "default" you can have multiple default roles. For example you might want to separate out the dashboard views and console tools into separate roles. You might want the default role a user gets give them the ability to view some of the Callisto dashboard pages but have no rights to console tools or modify collections other than to the update inventory data tool.

To do this we will create a Console Tool role with just "Allow users to collect inventory" selected:

On the Role name tab we tick the "Default" checkbox

Any user logging in for the first time will have these default settings applied.