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Callisto On-Premise 21-03 Release Notes

This build introduces several new elements:

  • Full warranty caching
  • Warranty dashboard
  • Computer Status updates report
  • Improved Windows 10 OS page with support status
  • Enhanced BitLocker dashboard including data from MBAM if integrated with ConfigMgr
  • All New installer

Warranty Caching

There is a detailed explanation of the new warranty features in this article. Callisto now includes a Windows Service the "Callisto Warranty Updater" which will automatically populate the Callisto database with manufacturer warranty info for Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft and Toshiba/Dynabook devices.

This data is then used, together with Configuration Manager data to populate the new Callisto Warranty Dashboard.

Software Updates - Computer Status Report

This new report page in Configuration Manager - Software Updates - Computer Status was a customer request to show device compliance for every update in the database. To use the report, open the page, select a date range from the date picker (it is likely to have no data for the current month if the date is pre-patch Tuesday) and optionally pick a collection filter.

Computer status report

This report is likely to be very large, with a row for each client's compliance for each update released in the date range provided. It provides a quick view of status for compliance. The hover-over text will provide additional details about the scan catalogue requirements and compliance for this update, the status column indicates the status of each update (downloaded, needed, pending restart etc.). As with all Callisto data this can be filtered here in the page and exported to the clipboard or CSV as required.

Windows 10 Reporting Improvements

Callisto now includes Windows 10 support status on the Operating Systems Page. This combines support data from Microsoft with inventory data in Configuration Manager to illustrate your support position for Windows 10.

Enhanced BitLocker Reporting

With Configuration Manager and MBAM now being integrated (see Microsoft Docs for more info) we can show more useful data for BitLocker compliance, so we have revamped the Security and Compliance - BitLocker page.

New Installer

Callisto has a new installation routine. As well as providing a new look and feel, the new installer will remember your previous configuration options from now on, so it should make upgrade a quicker process as we move forward with more releases. This installer should also have fixed any problems with web.config corruption.

Other Changes

We have removed the Pending Restarts dashstat from the Software Updates dashboard. This proved to be inaccurate in lots of scenarios so was not providing a good experience. Pending restart status is available in the new Software Updates - Computer Status report.

The Software Updates dashboard has been rewritten to significantly improve performance. This page should now render much more quickly, especially in larger environments.