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22-11 Release Notes

The November 2022 release of Callisto updates both Callisto on-premise and Cloud environments.

This release is a major version with several new features and improvements.

New Feature - Callisto Custom Inventory

We've been calling this feature "how to know what ConfigMgr doesn't know". We want to provide visibility of properties that ConfigMgr is missing. Configuration should be quick and easy, but it does need you to do a little bit of admin work. If Callisto is installed on your SCCM server then it can set itself up, see here:

If Callisto is installed on a separate server, you will need to download a couple of PowerShell scripts to run on your ConfigMgr server, see here:

The first custom inventory areas we are addressing are software updates and hardware inventory:

Callisto Total Compliance

This new inventory feature instructs the clients to scan for updates against Microsoft Update or Windows Update (as a fallback) to gather information on missing products and categories of updates which may not be sync'd into your Software Update Point. You can read a lot more about this feature here.

Hardware Classes

We will be adding more classes as we move forward with this feature. In this first release we are providing new dashboards for data gathered for:

Monitor Configuration.

If you want to see what the user can see when it comes to monitors, then the Callisto Monitor dashboard is the place for you. Clicking through to any device will take you to the new device modal Hardware Displays page. The hamburger menu lets you pick historical views to track monitor configuration changes over time.

The dashboard also allows you to plot monitors by manufacturer, model, connection, age, size and resolution. As with all things Callisto the data is sortable, filterable and exportable.

Storage Health

Callisto will bring the results of a storage health check scan back to ConfigMgr to populate this dashboard.

Track disk wear, report on disk type and monitor storage temperature to predict failure.


The Batteries dashboard helps to track failing batteries, reporting degradation in charging capacity.

The Callisto Inventory Extensions also log their own success status into a Callisto Control class for centralised troubleshooting. The Install and Scanning scripts also create local verbose logs.

There's a quick video overview of the new hardware functionality here

New Feature - Collection Dashboard

Under the Resources Node the new Collections dashboard shows basic Collection information.

Clicking a Collection will list the members, direct members can be removed or added.

Clicking the properties icon in the top right will take you to the Collection membership pane where you can BULK ADD devices. Our pre-flight checks ensure we only attempt to add valid resources, making this approach as fast as possible for bulk lists.

New Feature Callisto Updater

When a new version of Callisto On-Premise, or the Callisto Controller for Callisto Cloud is released, the product will now prompt you to update this in-app. There should be no need to download the installer and re-run the installation for new releases. This will help us increase the release cadence of Callisto and bring you new features more frequently.