SCCM made beautiful

Callisto converts your data from system center configuration manager into crystal clear, responsive visuals. Through one interactive portal, Callisto is a single window into all your configuration management tools.

A user-centric approach to SCCM

A user-centric approach to SCCM

Totally intuitive access to System Center Configuration Manager data. Perfect for your support teams and non-technical users.

Dynamic results, fast

Built on decades of System Center experience, Callisto contains dynamic, high-level dashboards and reports. Everything is clickable, filterable, sortable and exportable so you can dive deeper and into more information, as you need to.

Cloud or on-prem. You decide

Have it your way. Callisto can be installed in your datacentre or consumed as a service. Either way, all your SCCM data stays in your environment. You can even get started in as little as two minutes.

Beautiful data. Streamlined reporting

Trust Callisto to transform complex data into rich, high-quality visuals that can be interrogated easily. Callisto provides a high-level overview with layer upon layer of drilldown depth and functionality.

  • Actionable insights that can be continually filtered and exported
  • Drill down to detailed inventory, compliance, warranty and health data
  • One intuitive UI that anyone can use
  • Instant results to maximise your productivity

Streamlined software update compliance reporting

Immediately understand your compliance status against the latest updates, at a glance. Through a single window, Callisto offers an SCCM software compliance update overview and quick-to-read progress stats. It’s a quick-scan, visual representation of your entire SCCM software update landscape, and easy for even the non-technical user.

  • Remove compliance guesswork headaches
  • A single source of truth across all areas
  • Compliance summary and detail through a single window
  • Streamline Patch Tuesday

A helping hand for the helpdesk

Extend SCCM’s powerful capabilities to the helpdesk. Through one easy-to-use portal, Callisto empowers your team leaders and helpdesk analysts to find, interrogate and act on incidents raised by your users working with SCCM's rich dataset and Callisto’s responsive interface.

  • One friendly portal for helpdesk analysts to access data on any user’s devices, apps, available RAM, and more
  • Empower analysts to instantly take action on any information found in SCCM
  • Usable information and tools directly at the helpdesk’s fingertips
  • Improve the output and usability of configuration management tools

Who does Callisto help?

Sys admins

We’ve been working with configuration management tools since SMS 1.2 so we understand your challenges first hand.

The helpdesk

SCCM is a complex interface; Callisto provides all the data density of your configuration management tools in a friendlier environment.

IT management

Want to get the most value from SCCM? Discover how Callisto transforms the impact and usability of configuration management

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£3 / $4

Per Client, Per Year

Available on-premise and SaaS. All the features and functionality of Community, plus:

  • Runs as an IIS-based intranet website with a local SQL/SQL express database for configuration storage
  • Wallboard mode
  • Full data export functions
  • Security analyst dashboard
  • Device warranty services
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Get started with a FREE trial of Callisto Pro

You’re only a few steps away from totally transforming your entire SCCM experience, for free. With your Callisto Pro trial you’ll get:

  • A complete dashboard, as well as Callisto’s data export functions, device warranty services and wallboard mode for your SCCM data
  • Additional dashboard customisation; Callisto Pro works perfectly for you

Just enter your details, and you can use Callisto Pro on your own SCCM dataset immediately.