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Upgrading Callisto On-Premise

Upgrade of Callisto is very straightforward, and simply involves running the installation routine on the Callisto server.

Download the latest version of Callisto from the link in the upgrade notification email and run it

If we have any pre-reqs that you've not met they'll be detected and you'll be prompted to install them:

If the pre-requisites need a restart you'll be prompted to do so and setup will continue automatically when you log back in.

To install you will need your license key, which should also be in the email and you will need to know the location of the Callisto database. If you don't know where your Callisto database is, you can check in the C:\program files (x86)\Callisto\web.config file, check for this entry:

    <add name="Default" connectionString="Server=localhost\sqlexpress;Database=Callisto;Trusted_Connection=True" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>

Enter your license key when prompted:

Once you have agreed to the license terms and entered a key you can click next.

We recommend the default path is maintained, if this is the first time you've installed with this version of the installer (with the space ships and telescopes) then you will need to provide all these values, but after this we will remember them. Accept the install path, or change it to the currently installed location and click next.

Now enter the Callisto database server and instance (if required), click test connection to verify

Now we need the details for the Configuration Manager database.

The port selection is actually ignored on upgrade and the website will be put back with its existing configuration, so you can skip this page:

The installer will now upgrade Callisto

When the install has completed you'll see the successful install screen.

500 Errors?

In the unlikely event that there is a problem following the upgrade, the most common issue is an error 500. There's a few reasons this can happen, so check the following:

Website pointing at wrong folder

In IIS Admin, does the website folder structure look similar to this:

If not, you may have changed the path during upgrade, we don't re-create the website to maintain any SSL config you may have put in place. We can fix this by clicking on Basic Settings and changing the path of the website to to location of the installation.

Corrupt License Key

Another possibility is that you have an issue with the license key. We can rule this out by adding this key into the Applications Settings - CallistoLicenseKey entry in the Callisto website


This example key is valid, though it has expired, but it will quickly rule out if the 500 error is being caused by the license key.

Corrupt web.config

The web.config file is critical to the operation of Callisto and we do occasionally see problems with the handling of this on upgrade. If you have ruled out the problems above, you can download a new web.config file from us and overwrite yours (in c:\program files(x86)\Callisto by default), modify the connection string for your server name if necessary and add your license key back in.

Failing that, please get in touch and we'll be happy to get you back up and running.