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Callisto On Premise 22-05 Release Notes

We've made a typo in the 22-06 release notes link in the release email, sorry about that, you can find the 22-06 release notes here

Major new feature is the Callisto Security Analyst Dashboard. This new feature introduces integration with the Microsoft Security Response Center API to allow us to display security posture statistics for CVEs related to Microsoft updates in your environment.

N.B. The Security Dashboard and all future versions of Callisto on-premise require your ConfigMgr database to be at least SQL Server 2106 (SQL Compatibility level 130) see for more info.

We have changed the logon behaviour to remove the need to re-authenticate when using Callisto on-premise. Once you have logged on once, your logon cookie will keep you logged in for up to 30 days, and your cookie will refresh each session, so in theory you may never need to log in again unless you spend 30 days away from Callisto or you specifically log out.

The logon process will also now default to the Callisto Dashboard page rather than the database connection check page assuming the user has access to the top-level dashboard.

We have removed the hooks to Operations Manager from Callisto and have also renoved all references to DPM, VMM and Orchestrator. We will maintain the Service Manager dashboards for the forseeable as they are still in use by some customers.

We have updated the code for supported Office versions, Windows versions and CondifMgr releases. In the next release of Callisto we will implement our API used in the cloud version of Callisto to remove the need to manually maintain these.

Various SQL performance enhancements across the product.