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Callisto Help > Setup and user administration > Create Remote Tools Package

Create Remote Tools Package

We have created a Powershell script to automate setup of Callisto for Remote Control on a user's PC.

The script copies the required files and folders from the ConfigMgr site server and the CMRCHandler application we have created to sit in between Callisto and the Configuration Manager RC tools to a package location. It then creates a package in the ConfigMgr interface with a Program ready for deployment to all Callisto users in the environment.

The Program runs a batch file to copy the needed files and folders to the user's APPDATA location and registers a ClassID for the Remote Control Handler exe.

Download CMRC.PS1 from here

Once downloaded and unzipped, simply copy the CMRC.ps1 file to a directory on the ConfigMgr site server, right click > 'Run With PowerShell'. It will then prompt for the source UNC path where you want to store the package content:


After entering the UNC path, press enter and that's it. Package and Program are then created:

All that's left for the admin to do, is distribute content and deploy to a user-based collection.